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Feel The Purity
The Purest Bottled Water Available in Trinidad & Tobago
Protect your Family
We're the healthiest choice for bottled water, locally.
Our Vision
To have a bottle of Blue Mountain Water in every hand, in every home. We believe that by aligning the organization’s core values with its strategic plans in order to achieve our goals, and through the development of result centered action plans; we can make it happen. In pursuing our vision, we hope to change the mindset that ‘all water is the same’ through educational programs, so that people can make healthier and more informed decisions in this regards.
Healthy Water
Healthy Water
Great Tasting
Great Tasting
Convenient Sizes
Convenient Sizes
We Offer The Purest Water In The Region
The Highest Quality and Best Tasting Water
Directly From Nature
H20 is Mother Nature's gift to us. We ensure that you get it only in its purest form.
Our Healthy Formula
Our proprietary techniques ensure that you our valued customer receives the best possible tasting water.
10 Filtration Points
Filtered and refined to the highest standards.
Quality Assurance
Numerous quality checks are done before our water gets you, our valued customer.
Quality Assurance
In addition to in house testing of our water, we also submit samples on a regular basis to recognized independent companies for testing.
One such company is CARIRI who can attest that to date, that Blue Mountain Water has never failed a quality test. Our quality reports can be made available upon request, since we uphold transparency and accountability.

We believe in organization wide quality assurance and as such we are constantly monitoring and improving our operational activities.
Stringent quality control in our production environment and even post production, is critical to the success of our products; so measures are put in place to ensure that only quality products leave our warehouses and end up in the hands of our consumers.

Bottled Water Service
The Purest, Great Tasting Water. Available in many sizes.
Leaps beyond Tap Water
Filtered and Purified to ensure that no harmful elements are present, unlike tap water.
The Healthy Choice
No chemicals or additives are used during our production process.
Years in Industry
Happy Customers
Awards Won
Bottles Delivered
What Do We Believe In?
Our Core Values
We believe in putting our best foot forward with a smile on our faces as we provide not only a trustworthy product, but a service through commitment built on integrity and respect. We believe in what we sell, so there’s no need for exaggerated claims – we simply speak the truth and engage in responsible marketing. Our promise of growth and sustainability to our stakeholders is never compromised, as too, our firm belief in life preservation and Eco care in a rapidly changing environment.
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Shop Now
Our Technology
All manufacturing, sales and distribution activities are performed and managed by our competent and qualified staff, utilizing state of the art equipment and technology. This use of technology ranges from running our fully automated production lines to performing DSD (direct store delivery) activities, using handheld computers relaying in real time.
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Learn More
The Great Tasting Water At Your Doorstep
All of our sizes are available to order online or by calling 800-BLUE
Why Choose Blue Mountain Water
What some of our customers have to say
Excellent customer service. Visited the branch at the corner of Warren Road and UBH. Love the drive tru; just pay, pickup and go in less than 3 minutes. will definitely recommend plus the prices are very reasonable, much cheaper than the supermarkets…
De Chaits

No other water compares….. taste .. price…. quality…. excellent brand of water.

Veron Maynard
Love this water, the taste is clean and fresh like right from a spring. Refreshing.
Laura Peertamsingh
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