What some of our customers have to say!

“In my line of work, hydration is very important and there’s nothing that does the job better than Blue Mountain Water, it really is the great tasting water!”

Kasey Ramoutar
Photographer and Blogger

“I choose to drink Blue Mountain Water because it’s the safest and healthiest choice and as a pharmacist that’s important to me as well as my clients”

Vashish Maharaj
Pharmacist and Business Owner

“I always have my Blue Mountain Water Delivered to me at home, that way I can stay hydrated both on and off the track”

Kristian ‘Boodoostig’ Boodoosingh
Professional Racecar Driver

“My view as a practitioner of the quality of water that is available locally, firstly pipe water is ruled out because of the age of the piping system as well as there is no official body to check the levels of chlorine and toxicity that exists in pipe water. As for the bottle waters, myself and a number of other practitioners from the Centre for Disease Prevention and  Big Mike’s Health Centre, have tested two areas; one is the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), and we have found that the only bottle water that has an acceptable level for human consumption is Blue Mountain Water. In addition we have done a PH test and found that Blue Mountain Water is the only bottled water that has a PH between 6 and 6.5 which is the acceptable level that a person needs for proper blood function. This is one of the many reasons we recommend Blue Mountain Water for client’s consumption especially those on a recovery protocol. This independent test has been done with 14 water brands on the market and we have found Blue Mountain to be the safest and healthiest choice”

Wayne Dellamore
Nutritional Consultant/Microscopist, Managing Director of Natural Health Solutions Trinidad

“Being a medical professional, I always look for the cleanest and healthiest in everything I put into my body. That’s why I always choose and recommend Blue Mountain Water. In hydration nothing beats some good Blue Mountain Water!”

Dr. Sanjiv Bissram
Medical Professional

“I was really impressed by Blue Mountain Water. It really is the great tasting water!”

Craig Sumair
Rally Champion

“After any performance the only thing that could quench my thirst is a bottle of Blue Mountain Water. Nothing beats them on quality and taste. That is performance!”

Orlando Octave
Musical Artiste, Songwriter

“Blue Mountain Water is so pure that drinking 6-8 glasses a day improves energy, boosts metabolism and increases mental alertness”

Dr. Leo Danlag

“Blue Mountain Water in my Fast and Furious bottle and I’m ready for the gym. Human Zorceness for the win…”

Narend Sooknarine, owner and managing director of Zorce Publications Ltd

“As an up and coming dessert café, we take great care to quality and taste, that’s why we choose to drink Blue Mountain Water. Their corporate customer service is second to none! Give them a call.”

Sarah Samnadda, Entrepreneur and owner of Sugar Therapy